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A true pocket pen with clean lines and minimal adornments. Attach the cap to the back of the pen’s plastic body and watch it transform into a full-sized pen that fits easily in your hand. We love these German-made pens for their unique ability to shrink in size when capped. We’re also big fans of their sophisticated color palette and approachable price.   Details: 4 inches. 5 inches when capped. A metallic body made of high quality aluminum gives this writing instrument a special feel. Elegant, fine surface. Low weight, ideal for travel. The rollerball tip allows for exceptionally soft writing. Writing System: Rollerball.    


This notebook band is the ultimate pen pal. Made to hold your writing tools, this small pouch is designed to be strapped around your notebook. This keeps all your writing supplies in the same place, which makes the pen-to-paper process that much smoother. In six colors and one size, this notebook band comes in a soft, light and durable ultrasuede fabric you’re sure to love.   Details: Made in Japan Hand-sewn Soft, light and durable ecsaine ultrasuede Multiple sizes fit the A5 notebook and A6 notebook A5: 6.3 x 1.57 inches or 16 x 4 cm