June 5, 2020

To Our Topdrawer Community,

The video of the horrific murder of George Floyd has shaken all of us at Topdrawer to our core. We have had to explore our own failures to try to improve a culture in our country that made possible the murder of this good man and so many other black people like Mr. Floyd.

It is everyone’s responsibility, each one of us, as members of society, to be protectors and aggressive advocates for people who are discriminated against. We are an ethnically and racially diverse group at Topdrawer, much like America itself.  But the hard truth is, we never addressed the violence toward our black brothers and sisters head on. We embraced diversity, thinking that was enough. It was not enough. Our country needs to push for real change, and we need to be a part of that push.

We are doing a lot of internal soul searching at Topdrawer, having lots of one-on-one and group discussions digging into the issue. We know we need to be a far more significant part of the solution. Otherwise, we will continue to be part of the problem.

It is tempting to rush a new mission statement or make promises of one-time donations. Although important, these times call for more than just symbolic gestures or quick fixes. There are no quick fixes to racial injustice. Whatever we do must be sustainable and scalable. We have to evolve the inner soul of our company to make a real impact. As a small business, we know we will only have a small impact in the big scheme of things, but we also know the impact that even just one person can make, as the courageous Rosa Parks did so many years ago.
Diversity has always been the secret to America’s greatness. In a country where we are suffering through a period of deep political divisions, we know the answer is love, understanding, and unity. The outpouring of love and compassion by our employees, and their involvement in protests in the wake of George Floyd’s murder, has been heartening and uplifting.

We at Topdrawer are working together, committed to make ours a company that proactively fights discrimination and strives for true equality and justice for everyone. We are building our plan and will begin our action steps urgently.  Please check in regularly here to review updates on our progress.

Peter Dunn
Itoya Topdrawer Corp