Commitment to environmental stewardship is at the core of Topdrawer’s values. To help reduce landfill, we make bags so durable they can be handed down to future generations.

You may have noticed that we talk a lot about “100% Organic Cotton Canvas,” but we don’t often stop to explain what that actually means. Today, 99% of the cotton consumed in the world is cultivated through modern conventional methods that use synthetic pesticides, herbicides, soil additives, defoliants, and GMO seeds. As an example, roughly a pound of pesticides is dumped into the earth in the making of one conventional-cotton T-shirt. Those pesticides create run-off that flows through our land, into our rivers, and into our oceans, at a tremendous cost to human and ecological life.

Partnering with roughly thirty thousand organic farmers in India, we created a premium canvas that is not only durable and beautiful, but 100% organic. Additionally, methods of crop rotation and composting benefit the health and community of the farmers by conserving and using rainwater more efficiently. The result is a fabric we use to make our rucksacks, duffles, totes, and other travel bags.

We’re not perfect. We’re working hard to continue transitioning to more and more environmentally responsible materials and processes in all the products we make and sell. We believe we can get a little better each day. Our products are designed for creative people like us, who want to change the world through their work, and we think most of our customers share our sensitivity and urgency about protecting the environment. We’re all in this together. We need to build products and buy products as if the life of our planet depends on it. Because it does.

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