Topdrawer is a Japanese-American maker of Tools for Nomads - all the things you need in your bag for creative life on the go, with shops in Japan and the USA. As creative professionals, we know the nomadic lifestyle is as much a mindset as it is a way of being. We look to tackle the projects that make us stretch. To us, nomadism isn’t simply about being on the move: it’s about an existence in which the things we carry directly impact our productivity, our well-being, and even our identity.

At Topdrawer, we combine the quality and craftsmanship of our grandparents’ generation with our drive for independence, function, and stylish sustainability. It all results in a collection of tools curated from around the world, that help you do your best work, wherever you are.

We are always looking to partner with publishers to share the very best of Topdrawer. Just apply to join below and we'll be in touch! We offer a sales based commission and allow tracking from the original click for 45 days. 

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